The Geomatics Laboratory for Cultural Heritage supports studies and researches related to the acquisition, analysis, management, updating and 2D-3D representation of geospatial information concerning the territory, the urban environments and Cultural Heritage.

The research and application activities are especially focused on innovative or emerging systems for the acquisition and management of data in the field of topographic survey, 3D laser scanning, digital photogrammetry from terrestrial (including UGV– Unmanned Ground Vehicles), aerial (including UAV– unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and satellite platforms. The integration of sensors and systems allows descriptive data (related to natural, urban, landscape areas and historical architecture) and their representation to be merged., The aforementioned data are stored and managed in multiscale and multiresolution information systems (GIS and HBIM environments).

The research activities are carried out in the framework of international collaborations within the ISPRS (International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing), CIPA Heritage Documentation and ICOMOS, as well as addressed in institutional research projects or funded by competitive calls. Multidisciplinary synergistics activities with sectors such as applied Geophysics, Restoration, urban and architectural Design, Archaeology, structural Engineering and the History of Architecture are carried out to pursue the common goal of heritage conservation.

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