Keeping It Modern - Planning Grant 2019

The Halls of Turin Exhibition Center by Pier Luigi Nervi: a multi-disciplinary approach for its diagnosis and preservation.

La Getty Foundation di Los Angeles ha selezionato Torino Esposizioni, il complesso fieristico progettato e costruito da Pier Luigi Nervi tra 1947 e 1954, per entrare nella lista delle oltre 60 opere dell’architettura mondiale del XX secolo del programma “Keeping It Modern”.

The conservation of twentieth-century architecture has now fully entered the wider disciplinary culture of Conservation.

The research group of the Geomatics Lab for Cultural Heritage, supports the LABs of Dynamics and Seismic, of the Laboratory of Tests on Materials and Structures, both DISEG, to field the most advanced tools of structural diagnostics, 3D survey and architectural documentation, both to evaluate the state of health of the structures, in addition to their seismic response. Starting from reality based modeling with Geomatics techniques, numerical models will be corroborated by non-destructive investigations, which will also be made flexible for communication to non-specialists.