The TURIN1911 research project explores the possibilities offered by digital technologies to experiment new methods to deal with the multidisciplinary research about the 1911 World Fair, held in the historical exposition site of the Valentino Park in Turin during the 50° anniversary of the Italian Unification.

TURIN1911 is born thanks to the collaboration between different academics specialized in humanities, architecture, geomatics and engineering for cultural heritage. Politecnico di Torino and University of California San Diego (UCSD) are strictly cooperating on the project, especially the Geomatics Laboratory for Cultural Heritage, the Division of Arts and Humanities and The Cultural Heritage Engineerign Initiative (CHEI) at UCSD. Filiberto Chiabrando of Politecnico di Torino and prof. Cristina della Coletta of UCSD are the TURIN 1911 project leaders.

The ambitious project is focused on various research areas, specifically: historical research, multi-sensor metric survey, 3D modelling, GIS and WebGIS applications. Several archives preserve valuable historical sources of various types (texts, images and videos) referring to the 1911 Exposition and some of them are still unknown and not catalogued. Within the project a collaboration with Fondazione Marazza of Borgomanero (NO) is born, which preserves the Stefano Molli Archive; the collection is characterized by almost 600 papers, notably design technical drawings and sketches, elaborated by engineer Stefano Mollli, responsible of the event general design and a few pavilions in cooperation with Pietro Fenoglio and Giacomo Salvadori di Wiesenhoff. The modelling, based on historical data, is applied for the 3D virtual reconstruction of the exposition structures now dismantled; these models will be navigable also by mean of virtual reality tools, embeddable in GIS and WebGIS solutions and comparable with the actual context.

Furthermore, visualization, querying and navigation in 2D and 3D scenarios of sources, organized and embedded with actual data, will enable to exploit the possibilities offered by digital technologies for the implementation of the online digital platform – already partially developd at UCSD – devoted to the analysis of a complex event as the 1911 World Fair.