Our Mission

The G4CH Lab carries out teaching support activities for I, II and III level courses in the area of Architecture as well as interdisciplinary training activities related to student Teams. The research and knowledge transfer activities (the “third mission”) are related to the different Geomatics fields with a particular focus on the use of innovative methods and technologies based on: i) images and lidar point clouds for the multi-sensor 3D metric survey of the built-up heritage as well as ii) GIS/HBIM for the management, visualisation, analysis and sharing of geo-spatial information.

The aforementioned activities, based on the study and synergistic development of techniques and the adoption of different systems and sensors, are related to the different application domains, namely: the conservation, reuse, enhancement of historic and current territories and landscapes, as well as the heritage built-up. The main Geomatics methods that are exploited to pursue the aforementioned objectives are:

  • Photogrammetric methods applied to images and data acquired by multi-spectral and thermal sensors installed on different platforms (satellite, aerial and terrestrial), with a particular focus on the use of aerial drones (UAVs) and Underwater ROV
  • Laser scanning technology and indoor/outdoor mobile mapping systems based on SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and Total Stations for data geo-referencing, for the generation of multi-platform, multi-sensor and multi-scale 3D models that can be integrated with other (geo)spatial data in a geographical data management environment (GIS and HBIM).