Giulia Sammartano

Research associate

Giulia Sammartano is architect and PhD in Geomatics (2018). She cooperates with lab G4CH since 2014, where the research is addressed on geo-spatial science applied to the built heritage, 3D documentation and mobile mapping systems, and particularly SLAM-based scanners. Since 2015 she participates at the MAIER - Italian Archaeological Mission in Hierapolis of Phrygia in Turkey. She is part of the Geomatics group in the FULL-Future Urban Legacy Lab interdepartmental centre since 2018, with a research directed toward urban legacies 3D mapping, urban modelling, digital cartography and 3D city models. She is part of DIRECT Team Polito since 2014 for emergency surveying, and in 2016 Polito she was active in the Polito Task Force for post-earthquake mission in centre Italy.

#MobileMappingSystems    #GIS    #3Dmodelsoptmization

Projects on which Giulia Sammartano collaborated :