The G4CH Lab carries out teaching support activities for the I, II and III level courses in the area of Architecture, dealing with Geomatics-related topics both individually or in synergy with other disciplines.

The innovative teaching carried out for the student Teams (mainly based on training internships) is characterized by the activities in the field focused on real-world case studies.

As far as the I level courses are concerned, the G4CH Lab provides the tools and software for the courses of the three-year Architecture Degree both in Italian and English languages. These courses are mainly focused on basic Geomatics techniques and are aimed at raising awareness on the importance of accuracy in metric surveys, especially to support architecture design activities. The expected learning outcome is the operational application of consolidated techniques in the field of Topography, Cartography and Photogrammetry.

Additionally, the G4CH Lab supports activities related to Ateliers, Workshops and elective courses related mainly (but not only) to the three master's degrees in Architecture offered by the Politecnico di Torino (Architecture For The Sustainable Design, Architecture Construction City, Architecture Heritage Preservation and Enhancement).The knowledge acquired in the basic courses is deepened through the use of methods and systems (Laser Scanning, digital photogrammetry, SLAM-based mobile mapping systems, 360 ° cameras, GIS and HBIM) and/or innovative platforms (i.e. aerial UAVs and underwater ROVs, satellites).

The Laboratory is also involved in II (Master) and III level (Research Doctorate) courses, also in collaboration with other Departments, where the most recent results of the various research lines are presented.