Davide Einaudi



Architect graduated in Architecture for the Sustainability Design at the Polytechnic of Turin with meritorious thesys: " 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality using multi-sensor UAVs ". He has experience in architectural design and specific skills insite-management, aerial mapping and laser scanning. He has participated in the activities of the DIRECT "Disaster and Recovery Team" and has carried out research activities within the G4CH LAB on projects of 3D modeling of historic buildings in collaboration with UCSD. He has founded Droni Service, a company specializing in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the architectural, infrastructural and cinematographic fields. He held the position of head of the Environmental Survey sector private companies. He currently works as a designer at Planet Smart City.
Ha fondato Droni Service, realtà specializzata nell’uso di Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in ambito architettonico, infrastrutturale, cinematografico. Ha ricoperto il ruolo di responsabile del settore di Rilievi Ambientali presso realtà private. Attualmente lavora come progettista presso Planet Smart City.

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Projects on which Davide Einaudi collaborated :